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Kitchen Cabinet Painting

It’s nowadays a common secret that the most cost-effective way to renovate the kitchen is to paint the cabinets. If you are considering kitchen cabinet painting, Vaughan’s best team will be honored to serve you.

Make contact with Painters Vaughan to get a free, no-obligation estimate and consultation. Isn’t it nice to know that you can learn details about the painting job, the cost included, in a short time? Isn’t it even better to know that you can affordably transform the kitchen and assign the job to Vaughan painters with lots and lots of similar projects under their belt? Let us tell you more about kitchen cabinet painting services in Vaughan, Ontario.

Vaughan kitchen cabinet painting services – the process

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Vaughan

It makes sense to say that we first need to hear that you are interested in kitchen cabinet painting. Vaughan painting contractors speak with you to offer a free consultation and quotation, as we mentioned above. To do that, they check the cabinets and all things about the service. Is this a small or large kitchen? Are there numerous cabinets? Are there vinyl, wooden, or fiberglass cabinets? We gather information in order to suggest the best painting ideas, finishing solutions, and suitable coatings. It all comes down to the cabinetry material. Then, it’s all about your taste. Do you want glossy cabinets? A matte or satin finish? A neutral color? The wooden kitchen cabinets stained instead of painted?

To make a long story short, we listen to your needs and cabinet refinishing preferences. We consider all details related to the cabinets to make suggestions and offer an estimate. If you agree with all that, the Vaughan painters assigned to the job show up as previously scheduled and get started.

Want your kitchen cabinets repainted? Stained? Painted for the first time?

The cabinet painting process may vary – depending on the cabinetry and your personal needs. But overall, the job involves removing all sections that can be removed, including hardware, cleaning, sanding, fixing, priming, and painting.

As we said, not all cabinets are the same, and not all people want the same things. But we are ready to serve all needs.

  •          Kitchen cabinet painting. From vivid to neutral colors, painting cabinets can totally transform kitchens – giving character to the space and making the room brighter. The paints are suitable for the material of cabinetry and durable to resist kitchen steam.
  •          Kitchen cabinet staining. Wooden cabinets are often stained just to protect them from moisture and breathe new life into them. It’s an excellent choice for those who like the wood color.
  •          Kitchen cabinet repainting. When the color of painted cabinets fades or the paint cracks and starts peeling, it’s time to repaint the cabinets. In this case, the painters first scrape off the cracked paint before they proceed with sanding, cleaning, and finishing.

Are you dreaming of a fresh kitchen? Start with the cabinets. If their overall condition is good and you don’t currently want to change their layout, the best way to refresh the kitchen is to paint the cabinets. If you like to get a quotation and consultation for a Vaughan kitchen cabinet painting service, talk to us.