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Wallpaper Removal and Installation

Wallpaper Removal and Installation Vaughan

Tired of looking at the same wallpaper motif year after year? Or, is the wallpaper torn and must be replaced? Assuming you are looking to find experts in wallpaper removal and installation in Vaughan, Ontario, our company is an excellent choice.

Why will Painters Vaughan be the best choice for this project of yours, you wonder? Due to our experience in these projects, reasonable rates, and preparedness to cover all needs. The pros assigned to such jobs are experienced with all wallpaper materials and equipped as needed to start, carry out, and complete the project with the expected diligence.

Interested in booking wallpaper installation and removal? Want the wallpaper removed and the wall painted? Whatever your case, Vaughan experts are at your service.

Best in Vaughan wallpaper removal and installation company

If it comes to wallpaper removal and installation, Vaughan’s most experienced team has your back. Fully aware that people’s tastes and needs differ, our team is prepared to cover all requests.

  •          Wallpaper removal. Wallpaper can be removed no matter what your reasons are. Is the motif outdated or just not your style? Has there been a calamity in your home and you now want the destroyed wallpaper removed? Is your wallpaper torn? Irrespective of your reasons, the wallpaper can be removed no matter its condition and size. To do the job with the necessary caution and efficacy, the pros evaluate the condition of the wallpaper and take into account its material to use the right tools to properly remove it.

Now, with the wallpaper removed, you have two options: install a new motif or paint the walls. It depends on what you want. And whatever you decide, our team will be ready for the requested service.

  •          Wallpaper installation. If you like wallpaper, there’s a plethora of motifs for all tastes on the market. There’s a variety of materials too. And regardless of the material and size you choose, the wallpaper installer will set it up according to its specs.
  •          Wall painting. There’s a possibility that you dislike wallpaper or want a new home design where wallpaper won’t blend in. No problem. There’s no need to set up a new wallpaper once the old one is removed. You can simply have the wall painted. If that’s what you want, we talk about colors, finishes, and the best solutions for your wall beforehand. Have no worries about that or about the painting techniques. There are choices for all tastes.

Prepping the surface before wallpaper installation or wall painting

One important element to pinpoint is that the wall is well-treated once the wallpaper is removed. Even if a new wallpaper will be installed, the pros first clean the wall, take care of dents, holes, and all flaws, sand the surface, and prime. This way, the new wallpaper is installed on a level wall which is also primed for easy wallpaper removal in the future.

Naturally, if your choice is to have the wall painted after wallpaper removal, prepping the surface will be a must-do step.

Talk with us. If you are searching for a team with expertise in wallpaper removal and installation, Vaughan’s most experienced pros stand before you.